Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She's Here...

Ashley and Bixby Belle.

Well, we finally picked up our Bixby Belle on Sunday May 10th. She has been a joy!!! A little bit of mischief mixed with an adorable personality also so stinking cute, that's our Bixby!!! The above picture is of Ashley and Bixby on the day we brought her home! We have had her for a week and a half and she is really doing great with potty training. Yea!!!
Amber's softball career came to an abrupt stop last weekend in Columbia, MO during the softball regionals. DePaul couldn't get their bats working and the other did had some timely hits and just outscored DePaul. Amber was upset but now she will be playing for the Chicago Bandits. We are so proud of her! Last highfive of here college softball career. Amber is #12.
Ashley stayed home last weekend while we were in Coklumbia, MO, to take care of Bixby Belle. Ashley had a dentist appt. and volunteered to stay home so Tim and I could go to the tournament. Thanks, Ashley, you are the best! Ashley graduated 2 weeks ago from EIU and now is looking for a job. She helped me put lattice on the bottom of the deck so Miss Bixby wouldn't hit her head on the bottom of the deck. She also helped me surpervise the installation of our new fence. It's finally in and looks great! Check out the photos below to see the fence in the backyard. First photo is the right side of the backyard, the second photo is the left side of the backyard. Hard to see the fence but it is there and it blends in so nicely! Looks great!

While the fence was going in the plumbers were here installing a new tankless water system. When we arrived home on Sunday evening, Ashley informed us that we didn't have any hot water. So now we have endless hot water, heaven!!! I promise, I won't post a picture of the tankless water system, LOL!

This picture is Bixby's favorite place to sleep during the day. On the kitchen floor! She is getting so big!

Enough for now, I will post more later!


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