Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bixby is getting bigger!

Our Bixby Belle is getting bigger everyday! She went to see Dr. Bill at Brush College Animal Hospital on Monday. She weighed in at 21.9 lbs. He said she would probably be losing her baby teeth within the next 2 to 3 weeks. BooHoo, I want her to stay little with little teeth, LOL!!! She is potty trained and rarely has an accident. She loves going outside and especially playing with her buddy Gunnr, the next door neighbor soft coated wheaton terrier. They are so cute together!! Here is a picture of Miss Bixby Belle!

In other news, Ashley has a job!!! I am so proud of her!!! She will be working at the Decatur Conference Center and Hotel. She will be the new Front Desk Supervisor! She is so excited and can't wait to start! In fact, she starts tomorrow!!! We are having a small graduation party for her on Sunday in our backyard. I will post pictures of the graduation girl on Monday.

Have a great day!


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