Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Fun Weekend It Was

This past weekend was a very busy one for the Pattons. On Saturday, our oldest daughter, Abby had a shower for her friend Cynda. Cynda is Abby's high school friend so she and the other bridesmaids held a shower in Springfield, IL in Cynda's honor. It was an outdoor shower and the weather was perfect along with everything else. I helped Abby with the Candy Buffet and the decorations. Here are some pictures of the shower and Cynda.

On Sunday, we had a college graduation party for our daughter Ashley. We decided to have a tent with lanterns hanging from the ceiling of the tent. Ashley likes bright colors so she picked out the plate, napkins, and tablecloths. We set up the food table in the dining room and the dessert table on the kitchen table. Ashley helped decorate and make the food for her own party! Abby and her husband Carl also were a tremendous help! Everyone pitched in and everything turned out perfectly. The weather was hot and humid so not all the guest enjoyed the outdoor tent. Some of the other guest braved the muggy weather and stayed under the tent only to venture out to get refreshments and the occasional game of bags. We rented a slushy machine and served strawberry daiquiris, this was a huge hit! Here are some pictures of the party! Enjoy!

Have a good day and I will post more later!

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