Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl

I hope everyone had a fun Super Bowl Sunday. It was an exciting game filled with fun commercials and some not so good commercials. We invited some friends over to watch the game with us and the evening was filled with great friends, good food, and an all around good time!

I did think some of the players on the Steelers were mean and rough. Some of the personal fouls were horrible!!! Oh well, I guess that goes with football, such a man sport!

I want to say thank you to Dana from Charmed Designs for the beautiful bracelet. I entered a giveaway for the bracelet and I won!! It arrived in the mail Friday and it is beautiful! I have been viewing her blog for quite some time and I love her jewelry. Check her site for her beautiful baubles!

I need to finish cleaning up after the festivities of last night. So I am off to vacuum and run the dishwasher. Have a great day!


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