Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top Chef

Did anyone see last night's Top Chef on Bravo? The quickfine challenge was preparing seafood to cook(skinning and filleting) and let me tell you, I didn't recognize some of the seafood. The last part of the challenge was between Stefan and Hosea and they had to skin and fillet a fresh water eel. Yes, you heard me right, a fresh water EEL. AND the EEL was still wiggling, yes it was!!! It was disgusting. The things I watch for a little entertainment!

Sadly, I have become and addict to the TV and my favorite shows.

Monday night is the Bachelor and 24 with Jack Bauer. Love Jack Bauer!!!

Tuesday night is the Biggest Loser and I am glad that Joelle was sent home, sorry Carla!

Wednesday night is American Idol and Top Chef.

Thursday night is Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice.

Friday night is Friday Night Lights.

Saturday, well, I don't have a favorite on Saturday.

Sunday night is Army Wives but it isn't on right now. I used to watch Brothers & Sisters but really tired of all the family fighting!! I want them to get along and be friends. Maybe they should rename the show the Fighting Brothers & Sisters.

That about sums up my life in the evenings. Which makes me believe that I need to get a life!! Seriously, I really enjoy these shows and I enjoy them alot!

Anyone else addicted to TV? Send me a comment and let me know your favorite shows. I might discover a new show worth watching, if I can fit it in. Thank God for TiVo.


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