Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Puppy Pictures and other Random Things

Okay, so here are the latest puppy pictures! Go and Check them out! Adorable!!! We will be picking up our little bundle of joy, I mean energy, on May 10th when we visit Louisville for the Big East Softball Championship! Can't wait! We are getting a new fence in the backyard so we can contain this puppy and hopefully it will aid in the effort to potty train! Wish me luck!

Amber still needs your votes daily! She has been in the Top 3 so thank you to everyone for voting for her daily!

A lot of happenings are coming our way. Amber's Senior Day is this Saturday at DePaul and after their games with Syracuse, they are going to be honoring Eugene Lenti's 1000th win and the 4 Seniors. I am sure it will be a very emotional day! Lots of friends and family will be there to help celebrate the end of Amber's college softball career. There is also a very nice article about Amber written by Graham Hays from so here is the link, take a look!

In other exciting news, Ashley is getting ready to graduate! I can't believe it has been 4 years! She is actively looking for a job in the Hospitality Management field so if you know of any jobs available, let me know! LOL!!! I am so proud of Ashley and I know she is a little apprehensive of coming into the world of work! I know she will find a great job and she truly sparkles when working with people! Congratulations, Ashley, your dad and I are so proud of you!!!

I am now twittering, so you can follow me and my exciting life. Go to and my name is dkpat. I think I have 2 followers, Abby and Carl. Thanks for following me!!!

Tim is busy with work and always provides so well for our family! I truly appreciate all he does for me and the girls. He is the BEST!

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Abby said...

Hi Mom! LOVE your blog. Here is the link to your Twitter profile for those who want to follow - AND to mine if people want to follow me - Love you!